Vice-Dean, Dr. Hosae Lee

With the wave of “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres, it has become a necessity to have a skilled workforce based on new knowledge and innovation to survive in this ever-changing reality of the global industrial evolution.

Moreover, as the global economy becoming more competitive and more specialized, new distinctive challenges and demands are emerging that go beyond the concerns of any one nation or global regions across international borders. Such challenges, whether social, economic, cultural, or environmental, require combined, coordinated, and cooperative global efforts between all members in our interconnected global community.

At Sol International School (SIS), an importance of globalized education is grounded in partnering with scholars, communities and universities worldwide, and doing so in balanced, respectful, collaborative relationships that allow students to earn a global education and faculty members to work across geographical areas to innovate solutions around the most pressing problems of our time.

We at SIS are in the global education sector with a common motto of making every individual competent global citizen equipped with industry ready skills that are based on new knowledge and innovation. In this journey, our goal is to prepare students to be ready for their dream jobs, while encouraging our world-class faculty members to develop and adapt new knowledge in their teaching and learning experience, in turn enabling our students to possess those skill sets that are in new demands of today’s interconnected global community.

Dr. Hosae Lee