President, John E. Endicott

"Global Initiative!"

The innovation and creativity demonstrated by Woosong University in the last decade is now being widened to include a number of specialized programs from the full course offerings of the university at-large. Sol International School (SIS) teaching all its courses in English is the vehicle we will use as a dramatic response to the educational needs of Korea, Asia, and the world, As Woosong launches its “Global Initiative,” an initiative described in detail throughout this website, SIS will offer specialized programs featuring English instruction and the ability to experience a wide variety of exchange and dual degree programs throughout the world in the following fields: HotelManagement, Medical Services Management, Culinary Arts, Media & Communication Arts, Railroad Integrated Systems, and Restaurant & Food Service Entrepreneurship.

Already over 600 students, with about 100 being international, have joined this exciting journey that we hope will prepare all for the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Students from China, Bangladesh, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Rwanda, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are joining Korean colleagues to prepare in the specialization of their choice. We welcome students from the world over.

I am exceedingly proud to be part of this new global program. It clearly demonstrates our determination to meet the needs of the increasingly competitive world environment. We see challenges throughout the world as opportunities and have thus expanded our programs across the university to take advantage of the experience gained by the years just past. I invite your participation! The future awaits those who are prepared and have the determination to succeed; welcome to Woosong University, especially to Sol International School. We will go forward together!


John E. Endicott, President Woosong University